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Jay Sigl Video

  Telling stories is how the human brain makes sense of the world. They move us and motivate us, inspire us, warn us, and change us. Video is an extremely powerful tool for tellings stories – that’s why we’ve made it such an integral part of what we do.   Video is one of the best methods of advertising available! … Read More


Jay Sigl Branding, Print, Video, Web

A restaurant marketing and consulting service, Where Ya Eatin’ At? specializes in offering social media marketing, video advertising and overall web presence for local restaurants in the Greater New Orleans area. As a subsidiary of LetsDevelop.tv, we developed a mobile-friendly, responsive website complete with an iconic logo and branding, video, and animation to exemplify the services that wyea.tv offers.

CGB / Zen-Noh Grain

Jay Sigl Video

A huge, international company headquartered near the Gulf of Mexico, CGB or Consolidated Grain & Barge operates a global enterprise providing a variety of services for growers and producers from buying, storing, selling and shipping crops to financing and risk management. CGB tapped us to create and update all of their video from safety videos and leadership training series to … Read More

Hunt Telecom

Jay Sigl Print, Video

Hunt Telecom is a Louisiana-based telecommunications company who provides telephone, internet and data services to businesses and organizations throughout the state, quickly becoming one of the fastest-growing companies in the country. In an effort to communicate the telecommunications company’s inherent value to a targeted audience, we created an inspirational, entertaining video including motion graphics and footage of employees at work … Read More

Girl on FIYA

Jay Sigl Branding, Video

FIYA (Fight in Your Armor) is a company that designs normal-looking, comfortable, yet totally serviceable garments for extended-stay hospital patients. FIYA founder Lindsay Avita wanted to expand her influence and help Compassion That Compels raise money to support women battling cancer through “compassion bags” or totes filled with devotionals, journals, inspirational mugs, decaf “scripture” tea, a soft blanket and more. … Read More