Email equals revenue.

Have you ever been frustrated by the amount of work required to market your business in the digital world? Sometimes digital marketing can feel like a can of worms you wish you hadn’t opened. There is a lot of depth in the online world because literally everything is connected. It can be totally overwhelming to consider all the things involved: … Read More

5 Insights into What Makes a Successful Website

It’s time for Marketing Monday again, and this is gonna be a good one! In this blog you’ll find insight about what makes a website successful. Let me start with a question: what good is content that isn’t growing your business? The most important digital content that most businesses have is their website. What Makes a Website Successful? So…is your … Read More

What Internal Problem Do You Solve for Your Customers?

External vs. Internal Problems Do you ever feel like your marketing copy just isn’t connecting with your target audience? When you provide an awesome product or service, you’d think that just explaining the benefits would convince new customers to jump on board. But, as you may have figured out, it’s not! Most products and services are created to solve a … Read More

Worried You’re Wasting Your Marketing Dollars?

The easiest way to waste marketing money is to be confusing. Here’s the quick solution: Stop spending money on marketing efforts that lack a clear message. Every time you post or send an email, the copy should do two things: 1) communicate your [unique] message to your customer, and 2) tell them what action you want them to take. We’ll … Read More

How Facebook’s coming changes may decrease your reach online.

Bad news first: Facebook is about to pull an overhaul that will make it a lot less business-friendly. This will affect your business if you use a Facebook page to post content and attract new leads, the question is how much. BUT WAIT! The good news. We’ve got some inside info that could help you navigate the transition. First, we’ll … Read More

Before you make your next video…

Promotional video produced by LETSDEVELOP.TV for DMM Construction. We’re gonna let you in on a secret. Digital video is HUGE right now. Ok so it’s not a secret, but have you ever felt like you’re just missing it as far as promotional video for your company? Creating a TV commercial used to be a sign that your business was climbing the … Read More

7 Ways to Optimize Video for Social Media in New Orleans

Now that you are armed with a working knowledge of the various social platforms at your disposal, you need to be prepared to make the most of them! Here are our 6 tips for maximizing your digital video on social: 1) Select the correct platform to reach your audience. The Facebook audience is the widest, with users ranging from early … Read More

How to Use Video to Reach Your Target Audience

Using Video to Reach the New Orleans Audience Reaching out to every potential customer in your area, making them love you, inspiring a response, and making them customers – it may seem like a daunting task! There are the obvious basic questions you should ask to reach your target audience with your marketing strategy: What’s your demographic? Where do they … Read More

Drum Roll Please…We Have A Winner!

We are so excited to announce… Our winner of the FREE video contest is Pastor Jason Wood of Faith Presbyterian Church in Covington, Louisiana. Congratulations we are pumped for you and your team! Thank you all for entering “Win Your Story”! As someone who understands the importance of Video Marketing,weI hope you will think of us as a resource for … Read More