Our Story

Some may say we are “creative geniuses” or “marketing masterminds.” We consider ourselves to be rather talented storytellers, artists, and innovators. At LETSDEVELOP.TV we want to express the remarkable story of your company through the latest multi-media marketing available. High-definition video production, motion graphics, brand creation, website design and development, social media marketing, print media, 3D illustration…we’ve conquered it all! All challenges are accepted and warmly welcomed here.

Jay Sigl

Founder / Chief Storyteller
Jay is the boss man, founder, and owner of LETSDEVELOP.TV. His mind is consistently overflowing with ideas as his team races to catch each genius concept.

Mark Vinson

Lead Designer
You can find Mark doing a bit of everything: from brand creation and development, to designing business cards to billboards, or even developing fully custom websites that scale from the smallest smartphone to the largest screen. You name it, he does it.

Zach Whitbeck

Graphic Designer
Zach is our Graphic Design Ninja. He creates and karate chops graphics and illustrations to life.

Kim Broadbridge

Video / Animation
Kim brings ideas to life through animation, video editing, and cutting-edge motion graphics. In addition to her marvelous videos Kim is our go-to foodie for our weekly luncheons.

Emily Dowey

Social Media Marketer
Emily is our writer and digital media marketer. Tweets, posts, emails, text messages, video scripts etc. they’re all coming from this girl.

Nathan DuToit

Graphic Designer
Nathan handles graphic design, motion graphics, web design, and video projects for LD. He is devoted to his missions and zealously accepts all challenges a project may present. Nathan can take on many battles with his extensive skillset he remains undefeated to this day.


Director of Gill Development
Tang is LETSDEVELOP.TV’s most beloved, devoted, and soFISHticated teammate. He is so dedicated that he never leaves the office! Tang is our motivator and can make any day betta.