Worried You’re Wasting Your Marketing Dollars?

The easiest way to waste marketing money is to be confusing. Here’s the quick solution: Stop spending money on marketing efforts that lack a clear message.

Every time you post or send an email, the copy should do two things: 1) communicate your [unique] message to your customer, and 2) tell them what action you want them to take. We’ll come back to the action piece in a later email – right now I want to focus on message.

Your message should speak directly to your customer, but don’t bother telling them how great you are. Rather you should speak to them about how great they are. More specifically, how great they will be once they’ve done business with you.

This is where a lot of companies go wrong: they talk only about the wonders of their own company. “But Jay! My company has lots of accolades that are worth mentioning! We have the most talented staff and have won awards for the last 5 years!” Hey, I’m not saying those things aren’t awesome assets for your business. But believe me – your customers won’t care about what makes you great until they understand how it will affect them personally.

That’s why it is so important for your marketing message to be one that speaks about your customer. You actually aren’t the center of your own story – they are! 

If you take away nothing else from this mini-marketing session, let it be this: Digital marketing done right pays for itself. If you’re questioning your spend on marketing, it probably means there’s something wrong with your message.

So what to do now. Take a step back and think about what a customer takes away from interacting with your company. When new clients join our team, we take them through a process that helps them identify who their client is, what their client needs, and how to position themselves as the company to meet that need. The result is a concise message that can be communicated in just a few sentences, and it is the jumping off point for ALL of our future marketing efforts!

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you need someone to walk you through the process! Let’s streamline your message and get people listening, because your story is worth telling! Contact us now!